Webinars for SEL Certification

10 Webinar SEL Certification

Mentored Screen Time

Screen Time Guilt can stop us from really exploring the positives that can come out of technology and how it relates to learning online, teaching online, homeschooling, e-learning, and we can move onto a brighter path with less anxiety from letting our children have screen time.

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Empowering Tweens - SEL Webinar 4

Empowering Tweens, Tweenagers aged 9-13. REGISTER BELOW.

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Combating Stress & Burnout Through Gratitude: SEL Webinar 3

November 28th at 10am for Webinar 3 of SEL Certification on Combating Burnout Through Gratitude.

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Online Tutoring


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Socio Emotional Learning Webinar 1

Our past webinar included the topic of Pandemic Parenting with a Socio Emotional Learning Expert.

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