Education with specialized tutors

Resilient & Confident learners await. K-12 learners are matched up
to the best online tutors in Math, English, French, Social Studies, Science, Test Prep.  Our tutors have additional training in Socio-Emotional Learning to increase motivation, decrease anxiety and
increase academic scores.

We teach your child to learn for themselves and can benefit them long term

Quality Tutors

Edify approved tutors are quality teachers who meet high standards and have Canadian experience + qualifications. Our tutors are in the field of education and have expertise in their fields. Find your tutor today to find the best match. Many of our teachers have achieved perfect test scores in Math in their SAT's! Get a private math tutor, online tutor, tutor for remote learning who provide 1:1 support, from your home.

Trust & Safety

Edify approved tutors have a clear criminal record check , references and have shown a career path in education or are in a related science, math based field. We screen our tutors and also check in with them during lessons. Edify interviews tutors and checks in with parents, students and tutors on how their online lessons are going.

Educate through the unknown

Socio-Emotional Learning lessons give your child the ability to decode their own emotions through SEL training. The awareness helps them become confident and ready to overcome any obstacle that comes their way. Parents can be assured their child is learning the math skills, English skills to help reach independence and confidence. Learning loss is a byproduct of the pandemic- if your child is feeling anxious, depressed or unmotivated, an Edify tutor will surely make a positive difference.


Edify approved tutors are in the community and are connected in their passion to helping all learners. Many ask? Are Edify tutors near me? Our tutors are based out of Vancouver, BC and work within an inclusive model to approach learning positively, learning online, from the comfort of your home. The community is supportive in that they know your local school, your text book and your provincial or state curriculum.

K-12 Tutoring

Edify Learning Spaces offers K-12 tutoring services to support all learners with Math, English, French, Science, Test Prep. All while reducing anxiety, increasing motivation and building resiliency. 1 on 1 tutoring online helps your child with the goal setting, confidence and learning skills they need to learn independently and successfully.

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Special Needs

Edify Learning Spaces offers online support to help your child to learn in a more effective manner. Let us connect you with a tutor who can help your child at their own pace. Whether they need help with Executive Functioning, Social Emotional Needs, Focus, Attentiveness & following step-by-step directions to complete the learning tasks, we have the best online tutor for you. We have helped students who are diagnosed, undiagnosed, self-diagnosed as well as a neurodivergent , creative, out of the box type thinker.

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Test Prep

Edify Learning Spaces offers Test Prep. Tutors, SSAT, SAT, Calculus, Algebra and more.

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Social Emotional Learning

Providing tutors access to K-12 Learners along with additional training to increase value for parents. The additional training allows students to use a growth mindset and have the Social Emotional, Executive Functioning Skills and Metacognition to get students to be better learners - long-term. Edify's SEL program trains teachers monthly and is connected with international experts. Sign up for our webinars to register for FREE as part of Edify's family membership currently set at $25.00. If you are looking for SEL Certification, there is a 10 webinar session, guest speakers and a monthly newsletter to keep your Social Emotional Learning skills current. These skills will not only help your career but also help your self motivation, self awareness, gratitude, kindness and relationship management.

What parents are saying

They think outside the box to teach in a way that suits the way the individual learns best. They go above and beyond to come up with solutions to challenges and show that they truly care about their client - not only their learning outcomes, but also their emotional well-being. I am so impressed and grateful to have them supporting our family.

Edify Parent