Special Needs

Have you had an IEP meeting, diagnosis, or assessments that didn't provide the best support for your learner ? Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, ASD, ODD , FASD or another neurodivergence? We can help! Book a FREE consultation today!

Are you in home learning, distance learning, or even an unschooling state of mind? There are ways to help your child - if provided with consistency, caring & support. The right special needs tutor can help focus on your child's strengths. With support - we can help your child thrive and learn to reach their best heights. Many of our tutors have Education Assistants (EA) positions or even children of their own who are neurodivergent along with classroom experience.

Whether your child has no diagnosis or is just a neurodivergent marvel - we can help them organize thoughts and learn new concepts when they are willing to learn. Social emotional learning, having 1:1 attention and taking breaks can make a big difference! Our tutors present videos, play games, & have fun! Learning online can help your child reduce anxiety, depression and set goals, be motivated and increase interest in academic studies! We are so happy with the parent and children's feedback about our Edify tutors. Some or many are educational assistants, resource teachers for kids with Special Needs, or teachers who just know how important it is to gain rapport, have fun & support your child's academic needs in Math, English, Science, French, & Art.

Set your child up for success with the right tools

Includes math, verbal, and writing tutorials accompanied by assessments to test student mastery is highly adaptive and keeps track of a student's strengths and weaknesses gives students access to a large pool of practice questions with instant, easy-to-understand feedback allows students to take full-length practice tests to gauge readiness and give students realistic test exposure

Our Tutors

Clear criminal record 

All our tutors have clear criminal record checks and are experienced in Classrooms. We require references, training and many support strategies before the tutor even meets with your child online

Your Home

You will need a space in your home that has a quiet area, stable Wi-Fi, and a place where clear communication, good lighting is available.

Online Tutoring gives your family time & flexibility.

Short Hours

The standard for online learning and instruction time is 1 hour to 1.5 hours a day however with Tutoring, you can gain so much more in just one hour of one on one time. Your child is interacting with a tutor who cares and is only focussing on one child. The learning uptake is faster, stronger and your child is more confident to handle any math, language, or other subject with strength,

Scheduled Time Off

Take your time off! Let us know more than 24 hours in advance to avoid the cancellation fee.

Monthly Schedules

Our tutors show flexibility to your family's scheduling needs. Book a FREE consultation to see how we can fit your family's needs.

What parents are saying

I cannot recommend Edify enough. They think outside the box to teach in a way that suits the way the individual learns best. They go above and beyond to come up with solutions to challenges and show that they truly care about their client—not only their learning outcomes, but also their emotional well-being. I am so impressed and grateful to have them supporting our family!

Taya T.