K-12 Tutoring

Resilient & Confident learners await. K-12 learners are matched up to the best online tutors in Math, English, French, Science, Test Prep. & more. Our tutors have additional training in Socio-Emotional Learning to increase motivation, decrease anxiety and increase academic scores.

During the pandemic, we learned that online learning, can be done effectively. We can tailor lessons to how your child learns best. If your child has an IEP, we can use those goals to help support the learning outcomes.

Many children have been struggling with remote or hybrid learning, but we've got the best tutors to support your child's academic skills. Learning loss is a real problem, especially if it prevents your child from moving forward with another concept. When your child can't keep up, they lose confidence and it creates more anxiety.

Edify Learning Spaces' tutors combat the stress and anxiety and introduce growth mindset to increase engagement and to let the child gain their confidence back!

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K-12 offers live, online tutoring sessions with certified teachers at affordable prices. Sessions are open to all students whether or not they're enrolled in a K-12 powered school.

Whether your student needs extra one-to-one support to master a particular topic or wants to excel in a subject of interest, our experienced tutors employ effective teaching methods and expertise to match your child's particular needs and help them meet their goals.

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Our Advantages

Socio Emotional Learning

We offer SEL built in to our tutors monthly training webinars. They can then deliver models to incrase your child's long term success. SEL can help you child gain confidence, decrease anxiety and increase academic scores.

Your Home

Your child can learn right from the comfort of home. We help support your learner online and make sure they are achieving milestones in learning. Your device needs access to Wi-Fi and a quiet learning space with minimal distractions.

What makes Edify different?

There are many tutoring companies but what makes Edify different is our strong focus on life long learning. We have great Math, English, Science, Test Prep, French teachers but in addition to that - we also teach your learner to have the confidence to learn for themselves. Set up a meet & greet today.

Our tutors

Our tutors are often teaching at Brick & Mortar schools or have years of experience tutoring. We know that your child should have the best tutor available. We vet the tutor, offer tutor training and provide tutors who will show your child their own learning gifts. Guidance, coaching and directing your learner on the right path begins with Edify's tutors.

On your schedule

You are busy but our tutors are available to set up lessons and support, daily or weekly - as long as you have wi-fi and a quiet room - we will be be able to accomodate.

Monthly Schedules

This opportunity is perfect for those of you who have a professional work space, limited hours, and freedom.

What parents are saying

"Just wanted to pass on our sincere thanks to Nina for her encouragement & support....she achieved 98% on their last Math test!"