Empowering Tweens with Mentor, Ramita Anand

Empowering Tweens, Tweenagers aged 9-13 - Expert Mentor, Ramita Anand spent years in the London school system finding out what works to empower tweens and teens. Watch the video to find out more.

Join Guest Panelist Ramita Anand, former resource teacher working with neurodivergent children. She discusses Responsible Decision Making & Relationship Skills on the CASEL Wheel of Social & Emotional Learning (SEL.) Ramita Anand is an educator who has worked as a Special Needs Educator & Learning Support. Tweenagers or Tween girls aged 9-13 have had a huge shift in terms of social connections and communication across social platforms.  Elevate, RA, helps Tweens focus on gaining 5 superpowers, Empathy, Confidence, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Kindness. Check out her video and find out more about her amazing podcast.

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