Gratitude Webinar Summary

Gratitude is a tool to help shift your perspectives. It can help combat burnout and other stressors. Find out how to use gratitude and other positive psychology tools to help teachers, tutors, parents, caregivers of neurotypical and neurodivergent or special needs children at school and at home.

Teachers, Parents, Caregivers, + Education

Gratitude and Burnout

  • One of the things that we want to talk about today is gratitude.
  • A new study by Charles Werth and Modell researched mental health and the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic on children, and found there was an increase of anxiety, depression, behavioral issues and post traumatic stress akin to or worse than after natural disasters
  • The one essential step to combat burnout is changing your perspective to things
  • And perspective taking requires one foundational skill, and that is gratitude
  • It's so specific to education, and it's important to educate especially in such times

Grateful educators are habitually specific

  • The richest thank yous should include intention - the intention of the giver, the effort that the other person put for you, and the benefits that effort and intention reap for you as a person.
  • In moments of maximum stress, gratitude becomes a critical cognitive process, a way of thinking about the world that can help us turn disaster into a stepping stone.

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