Free Chapter 1 Summary, "Radically Reframe: Three Guiding Principles For A Happier Neurodivergent Family," by Priya Tronsgard

Radically Reframe: Three Guiding Principles for A Happier Neurodivergent Family See what the first chapter is about and how the book opens up about Special Needs and the different approaches to shifting mindsets using the term, "neurodivergent," which highlights differences. Are differences normal? The book states that the differences are normal and even a new way to explore life's expectations.

Radically reframe three guiding principles for a happier neurodivergent family

  • Neurodivergence refers to the concept that certain developmental disorders are normal variations in the brain by using the term neuro divergence instead of disorder
  • A stronger focus on differences rather than deficits
  • Kids aren't a burden to cope with, but rather part of an exciting journey you are on as a parent, caregiver or educator
  • Parenting is a deeply personal experience and there is no right or best way to parent that has been proven

Equality versus equity

  • Equity is different from equality, equity is about matching needs. Everyone's situations and abilities are different. We need to move forward as a society with equity in mind, points to be mindful about.
  • When joining neurodivergent communities, or actually autistic communities be aware that many members have been traumatized and ignored for voicing their concerns

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