About edify

We are a safe and convenient After School Care option to keeping your kids safe while they learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (S.T.E.A.M.)

Responsible care

Edify approved providers have a keen interest in children and are there for working with local health authorities to provide responsible After School care.

Trust and safety

Edify approved providers have a passed a clear criminal record check , have references, current immunizations and have shown a career path such as nursing or are in the education field.

Educate with fun

Why do just after school care? You can enhance your child's learning with fun experiments and hands on experiences! Edify focuses on S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Tech, Engineering, Art & Math)


Edify approved providers are in your community and are a trusted resource. Edify approved providers offer After School Care through lesson plans and are near your child's school or near your home.

Our story

Edify's owner has been working in the childcare field since 1991. The need for After School Care became evident when the owner's own child turned 6 and had trouble finding After School Care in Vancouver. With a foot in the field, the owner decided to make a reasonable solution to help parents go back to work and also to help providers have a program that they could be proud of, from their own home.

Your Edify Provider

Your Edify approved provider has a resume, criminal record check and references that have been reviewed. At the moment, the current After School Care caregiver is only required to have 20 hours of training. Our Edify Learning Space approved providers exceed requirements by having training that's relevant, such as experience in the education field or nursing. Click here and see your Edify Space Learning Providers relevant bio.


Clear criminal record  check

Edify Learning Space Providers have gone through licensing standards and training to be responsible enough to exceed what's available.

Doctor's Note & Current Immunization

Edify owners will receive a doctor's note stating that they are in stable mental & physical health to take care of children.

Reference Check

The Edify approved providers will undergo multiple reference checks and will be available for parents to view.

Edify Providers Meet/Exceed

Although Edify approved providers may be first time business owners, they have a proven track record of providing responsible care. Check our Edify Learning Space provider prerequisites.

Care + Education

Edify Learning Space approved providers set up S.T.E.A.M. projects so children can learn at their own pace. For example, a child can learn about basic bridge building techniques through trial and error and using building materials.

Pick-Up Service

Children will be picked up from their school. The Edify approved provider will accompany your child to their home by walking or bus pick up service depending on the number of children who will attend the Edify Learning Spaces program.

Clear criminal record  check

Do you have a criminal record check for the vulnterable sector? Here is a link to get your started -

Your Home

Your home will have to be inspected by a licensing office, fire department and has many safety aspects that need to be cleared if you'd like to have a licensed After School Care facility with more than 2 children. If you'd like up to 7 children in your program - please fill out this preliminary application.

Is running your own business right for you? 

There are a lot of licensing requirements to meet. If you are willing to do this for a long term , fulfilling and rewarding program, this is the right step for you.

Short Hours

This opportunity is perfect for those of you who own a home ( or rent with permission from the owner), want a short working schedule and want to have a set schedule with forseeable income.

Scheduled Time Off

Edify Learning Spaces currently does not operate in the summer or school holidays. Parents are counting on your service through out the school year but that still leaves a lot of time during the winter, spring and summer breaks.

Monthly Schedules

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math schedules are sent to you at the beginning of the month. Your daily schedule will consist of pick up at the child's school, preparing safe & healthy snacks and priming a child for learning the Edify program.